The first time you encounter Charles Kasinga, you are struck by his buoyant smile, alluring humor and a deep laughter that seems to bubble from deep within him. He is a man full of life.
Unknown to many, Charles has been battling a chronic illness for the past 12 years, and which, ironically, coincided with the birth of their son, Mutua. “Catherine was still driving on the wrong side of the road,” Charles chuckles, recalling that his Kenya-born wife had just arrived in the U.S when he was taken ill, and so still unfamiliar with American roads. Catherine hit the ground running, helping nurse him back to health.
Together, they raised their son, Charles navigating from one errand to another— driving Mutua to every Boy Scout meeting, piano or swimming lesson— with devotion. Unsurprisingly, Mutua is now a high-achieving pupil at Leon H. Sablatura Middle School in Houston Texas, on course to pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor.
Charles was recently diagnosed with a rare respiratory condition known as interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). This condition significantly impairs breathing and oxygen intake; his team of doctors have determined that a double lung transplant is critical to his survival.

Charles will be listed pending the following

  1. Evaluation and acceptance as a transplant candidate by the hospital. (COMPLETED)
  2.  Have a post-surgery care plan & specially trained caregiver. (IN PROGRESS)
  3.  Demonstrate ability to meet USD $70,000 out-of- pocket expenses. (USD $40,000 already raised)

On behalf of Charles. Catherine, and Mutua, we ask for your financial support tp help raise the USD $70,000 so that Charles can be listed and thus undergo surgery as soon as possible